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Need a musician?

"Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand."

Stevie Wonder

With bachelorette training in music and theory, Faith Bartelt can cater to any of your musician needs! See below for more information on her experience with 

Special Events, Bands, and the Church.


Special Events

Faith Bartelt is a trained vocalist who plays piano, guitar, saxophone, and ukulele. She has over 10 years of performance experience with crowds of all sizes, and can be hired for weddings, festivals, and other gatherings. Feel free to request a list of common material and styles. She can also provide material suggestions and is happy to prepare special content when requested. As the owner of all her own equipment, and connections to other musicians when needed, she can independently cater to all your event needs.



Faith Bartelt started singing in combos in 5th grade and has only grown and fallen more in love with performing from there. With over 10 years of performance experience, she not only has the technique to handle many styles, but the passion, theory, and rhythm to enhance any combo's performance quality and audience experience. As a leader, she brings an energy that not only draws an audience in, but keeps them there. As a musician, she learns and retains content quickly and is flexible and fun to work with.



Faith Bartelt is a home-grown ELCA Lutheran that is passionate about utilizing her gifts to enhance and support worship. Faith grew up serving as a music leader at Trinity Lutheran Church and Lutheran Campus Ministry UW-La Crosse. She has also lead in ELCA National Youth Gathering Synod bands, and as a special music artist for various congregations. She has experience with both traditional and contemporary repertoire and can sing and play piano or guitar for any congregational needs.

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