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About Faith

Faith Bartelt is a well-organized, driven, creative leader that emphasizes strong relationships and growth mindsets. With her creative and disciplined background, she supplies big and small-scale insights to any project. As a dreamer, she loves working with creative minds of all ages, and values the input of all voices and backgrounds. 


Faith is passionate about her art on and off the stage and is often known as the positive, hopeful, dreamer in any setting. She is driven and hard working, and believes in inclusive, diverse collaboration. With a passion for service and youth, she is drawn to nonprofits dedicated to inspiring and giving back to a community's roots. 

Faith has since worked in a multitude of settings and occupations that have highlighted and contributed to her different strengths [see resume]. Her diverse professional experience and background  makes her both a fantastic collaborator and a strong written and verbal communicator.

In her free time, Faith loves writing her own music, traveling with her fiancé (and best friend of eight years!), refurbishing and DIY projects, and being with her family. She is active in her church community and enjoys working with young students and mentoring 

developing artists. Having grown up in small-town, Rhinelander, WI, she hopes to one day have her own nonprofit arts organization to give back to communities like her home town.

Faith currently works as a Church Administrator at New Heights Lutheran Church where she oversees daily operations and procedures, long-term vision and strategic planning, and coordinates the organization's New Building Project. She is excited about moving to the Madison area and developing relationships with new organizations and potential students excited to grow and develop in their craft. 

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