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That's me!



  • A young student looking to find your voice for the first time? 

  • A developing student looking to develop your voice further? 

  • An advanced student preparing for full-time industry work? 

Are you...​

Having studied voice, acting, and basic piano, I love working with students ready to learn and explore their craft. The goal of each lesson is not to sound like someone else but to find the most beautiful version of you. Each lesson is tailored to the student; the hope is students will come with goals that we can pursue together!

More Questions?

What level do
I work with?

Students range from upper- elementary to collegiate.  As artists, we're always a work-in-progress. I'm here to help, wherever you're at in your artistic journey!

Where do
we work?

Lessons can be done virtually or in-person. Students wishing to work virtually should: 

(1) Acquire a wireless microphone for effective virtual collaboration. 

(2) Have access to a piano if at all possible. 

What are the 
general rates?

Rates begin at

$20/30 minutes.

Exceptions can be negotiated for student needs. 

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