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Faith Bartelt

| Dedicated Leader | Creative Teacher |

| Inspired Musician | Passionate Performer |

I am a driven, motivated artist that's passionate about serving inclusive, creative, service-based organizations. Whether it's leading and managing an artistic crew, assisting in administrative responsibilities of a larger organization, working in educational settings, leading worship, or performing on stage, I am fully present and bring unique perspectives to each community I call home.

Into The Woods 2019

I can't wait to work with you!

I am a developing leader, teacher, musician, and performer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre and minor in Performing Arts Administration from Viterbo University.


As a Leader

I am a goal-oriented leader that's passionate about serving inclusive, artistic, nonprofit communities. As a self-motivated achiever, I am drawn towards those willing to both dream big and get their hands dirty along the way. 

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